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Inversiones Andromeda Computer Compañía Anónima was founded in 2012, in Venezuela by Ilich Blanco, with a broad legal purpose that encompasses e-commerce, technology development and finance.

Year 2012: Started in the world of electronic commerce with the sale of computer equipment, networks and diagnostics. Through its online store.

Year 2013: Includes within its services the configuration of corporate networks, maintenance of computer equipment and configuration of fiscal equipment.

Year 2014: Due to profound changes in the Venezuelan economy, the direction of digital services is redirected, and the digital marketing and web development agency certified by international agencies (Hubspot) is inaugurated, having great success with clients in different parts of the world , continues offering technological services of networks and maintenance but exclusively to companies. Likewise, web development services and their associated technologies are being offered.

Year 2015: The expansion of the company continues and new horizons are opened in the financial field, reflecting the experience acquired in crypto finance of its shareholders, giving exclusive and private advice on cryptocurrency to its regular customers.

Year 2016: In continuous evolution now Andromeda Computer has a catalog of professional models to create more original and unique campaigns for its clients.

Year 2017: The growing number of national and international clients promotes the hiring of new talents in the area of ​​community manager with flexible and well-paid schedules.

Year 2018: Without a doubt the year of the crypto currencies for Andromeda Computer, face-to-face conferences are opened in associations of companies and industrialists of the country, generating advice and training to personnel of companies in the handling of crypto currencies as well as their correct use as way to pay. Special investment plans are generated in crypto currencies with the purpose of financially assisting the country, seeking to clean up the financial concepts and instruments available so far for companies.
For the future: We will continue to innovate and evolve according to the market and the needs of our customers, focusing on the quality of services. We will continue working hard. In, for and for the well-being of our nation without excuses and with the strongest convictions.

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