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Why is blockchain critical to the future of your business?

Blockchain is much more than anything you have heard, blockchain is the future and the promise of an unprecedented technological universe, we are currently in the initial stage of this overwhelming revolution, it is something that will be everywhere all the time, companies require pay attention to what is happening or simply disappear in time. At Andromeda Computer we want to guide you along the path that leads to the digital transformation of your business, accompany us to the future.

Some interesting facts:

Advantages of blockchain technology

La mayoría de las empresas y corporaciones sopesan los costos de las operaciones y los colocan en lo alto de sus listas de prioridades. Los sistemas basados ​​en blockchain ofrecen ahorros significativos en los costos de transacción con respecto a los métodos tradicionales. Con la confianza integrada en el sistema, no hay necesidad de mediadores o garantes externos para verificar las transacciones.

Las plataformas tradicionales, como las bases de datos o las hojas de cálculo, generalmente están ubicadas en el servidor de una empresa privada en algún lugar del planeta. Por naturaleza, una blockchain es un sistema distribuido ubicado en todo Internet. Cada nodo de red puede replicar y almacenar una copia de la cadena de bloques y, por lo tanto, no existe un único punto de falla.

Todos los participantes de la red que usan una blockchain tienen la misma documentación en lugar de copias individuales para cada uno. Esta versión compartida solo puede actualizarse por consenso, por lo que cambiar un solo registro de transacción requeriría la alteración de todos los registros posteriores y la participación de toda la red.

Due to their nature as distributed systems, blockchains can process data quickly, anytime, anywhere. Traditional paper-oriented processes are time-consuming operations that are prone to human error and often require third-party arbitration.

Blockchains operate using high-level cryptography and complex consensus algorithms that make them more secure than traditional systems, which are generally only password protected. Once a transaction is approved, it is encrypted and linked to the previous transaction in the chain. This information is stored on a computer network rather than on a single server, which makes it very difficult for malicious actors to compromise the data.



Blockchain technology has innumerable benefits and uses, especially in companies, regardless of their niche. At this time the technology is being implemented around the world, companies that start now will have a clear competitive advantage over their competition, that is why thanks to our extensive experience in the field of blockchain and bitcoin technology we make available to our commercial allies all its benefits. If your company is not yet a partner of Andromeda Computer, it can be and have access to the technology of the future today.

For all types of companies

Financial tools and solutions

Advice on cryptocurrencies and blockchain
$ 85 /mo
For you Entrepreneur

One of the best ways for your company to start entering the blockchain and bitcoin world is to create specialized teams for this purpose, Andromeda Computer offers training to its staff, in all aspects relevant to the use of these technologies and financial instruments.

1 Conferences and face-to-face workshops.

2 Advice via video conference.

3 Webinars and podcast

4 Didactic material

5 Delivery of certificates

App development
App development
$ 750 /mo
Special for Large Companies and Online Stores

We put at your disposal the technological platform based on blockchain, implementing online payment methods on your website, equipment configuration and security audit.

  • Business model design
  • Application development
  • Monitoring and adaptation of results

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