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The conferences are an excellent introduction to understand the properties and benefits of block technology and digital currencies. Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are opening little by little in the lives of many people, since every day the number of companies that design products and services to take advantage of their properties grows. Specifically in the case of the Blockchain technology, studies carried out by Deloitte and PwC reveal that more and more organizations are integrating block networks in some way into their operating models, since these provide security, immutability and traceability to operations, in addition to reduce costs, processing times and eliminate the need for intermediaries. However, although this technology has gained much popularity among connoisseurs, there are still many people who do not know how Blockchain works. Therefore, below we present some TED talks that address these issues easily and simply for the public less familiar with these issues, which are an excellent introduction to begin to understand in more detail the benefits offered by block technology..


1-. ¿How Blockchain will radically transform the economy? The conference, led by Bettina Warburg -investigator and co-founder of Animal Ventures- explains Blockchain in a very clear and simple way for the less knowledgeable public, using terms, analogies and examples to illustrate how this technology increases transparency in value transfers.




2-. ¿How Blockchain is changing money and business? Don Tapscott, author of the book "Blockchain Revolution" offers an excellent overview of Blockchain and illustrates five opportunities that can be exploited thanks to this technology. Tapscott addresses from how people can have control over their data, to the guarantees that this technology offers to content creators, allowing them to receive just compensation for their creations.




3-. Bitcoin Sweat. Tides Know the future of the main cryptocurrency During your conference, Paul Kemp-Robertson explains how cryptocurrencies are changing our conception of the economy, so he offers several examples of the benefits of these assets on banks and other financial institutions. Kemp-Robertson develops in detail the idea of ​​how obsolete it is to use paper money against the properties and advances that the digital age brings.




4-. We have stopped trusting institutions and we began to trust strangers Rachel Botsman explains in this conference how the Blockchain technology gains ground by not letting us place our trust in companies that mediate the processes, a radical change that has not yet been fully realized but that is gradually starting to be observed more frequently. Botsman illustrates how certain sectors have changed giving way to new platforms, such as AirBnb or Uber, where we no longer speak of centralized service providers, but of platforms that connect people with others that can meet certain needs, offering greater transparency and security .




5-. Blockchain and intermediaries This conference discusses how Blockchain reduces the need for intermediaries, since it guarantees the execution of these tasks traditionally carried out by third parties in a quicker, easier way and without leaving space for errors attributable to the management of third parties. The talk puts in perspective that it is not about whether Blockchain can replace intermediaries, but about when this will happen.





6-. The future of money The last lecture by Neha Narula exposes some ideas about the future of money, ensuring that now this will be programmable, will be software driven and will flow in a secure manner. Digital currencies such as Bitcoin have put forward a first approximation and have shown that this is possible, but according to Narula, the next advances in this area will offer better properties, maintaining the faith that these technologies offer greater opportunities for people leaving aside the role of more traditional institutions.

Fuente:https://www.ted.com/talks/neha_narula_the_future_of_money Fuente: Enterprisersproject.com

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