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Community manager: Does your business need it

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Community manager: Does your business need it Community manager: Does your business need it


The rise of social media marketing has paved the way for a new role – the community manager. But what is community management? And does your business need it?

To help you suss this out, we have put together an overview of the benefits of a community manager and what they can do for your business and your social media marketing strategy..

But first, what is community management?

A community manager is in charge of building your brand across social media channels. It is the person who advocates for your business not just by creating content but by actively engaging networks and influencers. The goal of community management is to grow your brand community and forge new relationships.

A community manager will advocate for your business in social media forums, have conversations with potential customers and research new prospects. Depending on your business, community management might also involve organising and monitoring Twitter chats, social media competitions and Q&As.

How community management can help your business

A community manager can play a crucial role in building brand awareness, generating new leads and refining your overall social media marketing strategy. Let’s take a closer look at these benefits.

Build brand presence

A community manager acts as your brand advocate, seeking out relevant leads and networks that will grow your business. The idea is that they not only grow the number of your followers but rather grow the number of potentially interested customers and clients. This has obvious benefits.

By seeking out new and niche networks, participating in industry-related chats and having conversations with social media users, a community manager widens your business opportunities. A good community manager will ensure your followers are actively engaging with your business. A really good community manager will even turn social media influencers into your brand advocates.

Engage customers

A community manager gives your brand a human face. They are the friendly and informed voice that responds to customer queries and comments. Given the importance of coming across as relatable and sincere on social media this a big advantage. A community manager is key to building trust and brand loyalty across social media.

As a small to medium business it can be difficult to keep track and monitor social media conversations. This is where a community manager can also help. They facilitate conversations, answer questions and manage complaints, making sure your followers feel like they matter.

Measure effectiveness

A community manager is in a great position to provide feedback on what is and isn’t working with your business. By analysing social media metrics, actively engaging with followers and monitoring broader trends, they can give your business an insight into how to improve your social media overall business strategy.

Think of them as your ears on the ground. They hear what people are saying and can translate this into direct action that will improve how you relate to your target audience.

Improve social media strategy

Another benefit is that you can take advantage of upcoming trends and tactics. With social media platforms continuing to shift and evolve, this is especially important. A community manager can help your business keep pace and anticipate these kinds of changes, making sure you are at the forefront — not behind – any big shifts or trends.

Does your business need a community manager?

There are lots of benefits to a community manager but the big question is do you really need one? The answer to this depends a lot on your business and objectives. There are lots of ways you might want to approach community management.

For instance, a small to medium business may want to their marketing team to assume the roles of a community manager. Perhaps you want to create a new position that fuses social media and community management. Or, alternatively, talk to a digital agency who can assist you with your social media marketing.

As more people use social media to find businesses and services, it is crucial to be a part of the conversation — to drive discussion, build brand awareness and optimise networks to make your brand a leader in its field. How you do that requires time and careful consideration.

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