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Social Media Strategies: That Will Grow Your Business In 2022 Featured

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Social Media Strategies:  That Will Grow Your Business In 2020 ( Special for Pandemic ) Social Media Strategies: That Will Grow Your Business In 2020 ( Special for Pandemic )

We have modified the post to adapt it to the current reality that occurs in the entire world. With this, we want to help as much as possible so that entrepreneurs and small companies can benefit from the experience and successful strategies of big brands. Always reminding them that they can contact us and in this way we will help them implement all these marketing strategies and tactics and manage to overcome these difficult moments which must unite us all.

I think that if before there were doubts about the power and importance of technology in our day to day, the covid-19 came to reaffirm it and put us to the test, both those of us who were already in this world of digital marketing and those who still did not dare.

The blessed digital transformation today, with the mandatory, partial and voluntary quarantine, is more necessary than many would like. Although there are sectors that have benefited and others have suffered, a large percentage of them have sought ways to invest in online strategies and tools.

In Venezuela the pandemic did not take us by surprise and since measures were taken from the beginning. Unfortunately, our neighbors reacted very late and even today as I write this, Colombia, Peru and Brazil do not take bio-security measures seriously, creating an astonishing risk situation.

Europe has been the hardest hit by this crisis, even after being overtaken by the United States. In this context, the eStudio34 agency carried out a study showing that the categories most related to the confinement stage are: Media and News (35%); Finance (30%); Food (22%) and Health (15%). On the contrary, the business sectors with the highest number of losses are: Tourism (47%); Construction (18%); Advertising (17%); Manufacturing (16%); Transportation (15%); and Real Estate (15%).

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What accelerated the Covid-19

A Chilean company (CasaIdeas) is a clear example of the digital transformation after the coronavirus pandemic. With 39 stores in that country, the brand had to close and accelerate its online sales, since since November they only did it through Cornershop.

The CEO and Founder of Casaideas Mauricio Russo, in dialogue with the Diario Financiero acknowledged that there are some improvements to be made in the platform and in the logistics of the last mile. "We are working to improve the delivery time, I am sure that in a couple of days we will have better delivery times", he assured.

Russo also indicated that the initiative is not yet available in other Latin American countries. However, he clarified that "we are working to make it a reality as soon as possible in our operation in Colombia."

As this company there are several more that have joined the world of digital marketing, creating a website, reinforcing its online presence and even investing more in this area.

Reinvent yourself

This pandemic has left us several life lessons, but we are going to focus on our area: digital marketing.

In this context, the possibilities of generating a business are endless simply by having new users learning to use online tools and companies that have been forced in one way or another to look for alternatives to traditional advertising.

Some Digital Marketing tips to consider now

* Display Ads: It is an online advertising format that is displayed in the form of banners on landing pages. Ads in digital newspapers offer us much more visibility than before, as people are constantly looking for channels to get current news.

Promote yourself on social networks: Only on Instagram there are a billion active users on the platform. Their consumption with this pandemic is on the rise, so now more than ever you must bet on them.

* Develop more video content and use YouTube: Live on this platform have increased especially to broadcast mini concerts. Funny videos are trending. If they are done minimally well, you can ensure great visibility and significance.

* Analyze website performance to understand how users behave during this time and update forecasts and reports.

* Evaluate paid (SEM) and organic (SEO) coverage over the next few months to understand how the two can be balanced as part of an overall marketing strategy in response to the impact on your business.

* Invest this time to position your class words and thus improve your SEO. Remember that it is a long-term measure.

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Let's see some successful Marketing strategies that this pandemic conjuncture has brought us 

Raise online gift card marketplace focuses on essential everyday consumer goods (US) 

Being a purely online business, the Raise gift card marketplace is ideally placed to serve consumer needs during this time. However, they are aware that consumers' needs are now different and therefore have adapted their marketing message to better connect with their audiences at home. For example, travel gift cards are often popular this time of year.

Given current travel restrictions, Raise was more inclined to sell daily staples, such as household items, DIY materials, home office equipment, and food. They continue to control the various cycles of what consumers need at home and maintain their flexible global marketing strategy to adapt quickly.

Raise has always focused on delivering value to her consumers, but now this is more important than ever. They are also supporting local businesses, such as restaurants, and are trying to mitigate the loss of local partners due to increased orders from home with the Raise Local project. This helps small businesses send gift cards to their local community; they can remain open and operating in these difficult times.

The team is also investing in a secure contactless payment method for daily purchases in physical stores or online through its mobile app, Slide.

Raise relies on these marketing strategies to help her brand and products stand out, as buying discount gift cards is something consumers may not know or something they think about before making a purchase. Digital marketing helps Raise be present to online consumers and encourages them to return to your website to take advantage of special promotions. Alberto Aviles, Senior Manager of Acquisition Marketing at Raise, encourages other advertisers to put themselves in the consumer's shoes and ask themselves, "What do consumers need?" and "How can you as a Marketing Professional connect with your needs and mental state during this period?" 

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How can a brand of French cycling teams adapt to the indoor situation?

 For almost 20 years, the cycling equipment brand, Ekoï, has marketed helmets, goggles, clothing and footwear for road cyclists, mountain bike riders and triathletes. Ekoï is an international brand, and as containment measures have varied across countries, the team adapted its message to countries where physical activity, including outdoor cycling, has been allowed.

In markets with more restrictions, Ekoï focused on the needs of home cyclists regarding indoor training rollers and exercise bikes. To do this, Ekoï relied on its marketing strategies to achieve greater visibility on digital channels and target its target audience, through display advertising. Ekoï also created exclusive content, including live virtual training with professional athletes, to be close to his community right now.

 Since most of Ekoï's sales take place online, the brand closed the showroom and streamlined its warehouse operations to protect its employees; Only 4 workers work each shift, alternate shifts. They also offer hydroalcoholic gloves and gels to all their employees and guarantee that workers can maintain the safety distance marked by social distancing. In addition, they offer home deliveries by UPS 100% contactless, they will allow returns when the confinement ends and they make available to their clients a customer service to answer any type of query.

 Ekoï is also focused on donating. The team designed campaigns, whose 5% of sales were donated to the Necker hospital (Enfants malades Assistance publique - Hôpitaux de Paris). In addition, they donated 1,000 microfiber buffs and 150 pairs of Ekoï cycling glasses, which were adapted for hospital use for the municipalities of Fréjus and Saint-Raphaël. In addition, they are currently giving away 10,000 masks, which are included in all their deliveries.

Marketing Professionals from all over the world and in different sector categories can take advantage of these insights, always keeping in mind that there is no magic and unique formula for everyone at this time. However, based on these insights, it is important:

* Know your audience and recognize what value your brand can bring to their lives right now and in the long term.
* Adjust your message according to the unique needs of your customers, while social distancing continues, to ensure relevance.
* If applicable, highlight products from your catalog that can be used at home to spark the consumer's imagination.

Still need help to implement these strategies on your website you can contact us...  

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