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Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:03

Fantastic Tattoos: STAR TREK


Welcome ... In this occasion I bring you a compilation of incredible tattoos to commemorate one of the most famous science fiction series in history. STAR TREK, all the tattoos are amazing after seeing the post you will surely want to get a tattoo at least half as good. Enjoy it!

1. Spock and Uhura were supposed to have the first interracial kiss on U.S. television.


The series will forever go down in history for having the first interracial kiss on American television in 1968. The kiss was between Captain Kirk and Lt. Uhura, but originally the kiss was supposed to be with Spock! But once William Shatner got a whiff that history was going to be made without him, he immediately got it changed.

“Bill Shatner saw what was going on,” Nichelle Nichols said, according to Blastr, “and he said, ‘Woah, woah, woah. If anybody is gonna get to kiss Lieutenant Uhura it’s gonna be me.’ And he had the whole thing changed so the first interracial kiss was with Lieutenant Uhura and Captain Kirk.” After that it seemed like he was really nervous and wanted to make the scene perfect.

“Bill wanted to rehearse all the time,” continued Nichols. “He said he wanted to get this right! I said to him, ‘It’s right, it’s right. I promise you, it’s right.’ And the camera was shaking and the director was laughing his head off. We really had a good time.”

2. Spock’s skin was originally going to be red


In the original television series the iconic character could have looked a lot different. Gene Roddenberry pictured Spock with not only high eyebrows and tapered ears, but also red skin, according to Trek FM. This plan however fell through after screen tests showed that the red came off as jet black with the black and white television. They then made the switch to yellow, which came off as green on the screen.

3. Eddie Murphy turned down a Star Trek role


The comedian has a long list of awesome projects under his belt. But that list is missing one huge one because he turned it down! According to I Am Spock, Paramount offered Murphy a contract to star in a Star Trek movie after his success on Saturday Night Live. Murphy was open about wanting to be a part of the franchise so multiple scripts were drafted, but he wasn’t impressed with what they came up with. He instead starred in The Golden Child, and the writers switched the movie’s tone to be more serious and wrote Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.

4. Stephen Hawking is the only person to play himself on Star Trek


The appearance happens in the episode, “Descent” where Data, Albert Einstein, Sir Isaac Newton, and Stephen Hawking are playing poker. Hawking is pretty much the jokster while Newton is a total buzz kill. You can find out who wins the game by watch the interesting scene on YouTube.

5. William Shatner has never watched the series


It’s not that uncommon for actors to not watch their own work. But this could be very heartbreaking to devoted Trekkies. The star of the hit show hasn’t bothered to watch one episode of his work. “I never watched Star Trek,“ the actor said in an interview. “I have not even seen any of the Star Trek movies. I don’t watch myself. When I direct and have to look at filmed scenes of myself, I suck.”

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