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Monday, 02 December 2019 17:03

Anime & Comics : The most fantastic Ilustrations



Welcome everybody ! I hope you enjoy this collection of anime fanart and comics from artists around the world. Surely they leave more than one to use as wallpaper, ok let's start!

'Goku Black' by M XY on ArtStation



 “Oh, you’re finally here”[Kimetsu No Yaiba][Chapter 162 and beyond spoilers]



(Rosario Vampire)Mizore Shirayuki ❄?



 Kushina for a friend, hope you like how it came out ^_^ it took me maybe two hours



That Girl Is Not Just Cute - Shikimori Illustration



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Wednesday, 02 October 2019 13:19

FanArt: Claymore

The best claymore illustrations made by fans




Hello again to all lovers of illustration and anime, in this occasion I bring you a compilation of fanart about claymore, an anime that was really great, a little gore with a captivating and exciting story, epic battles and emotional moments. I hope you enjoy the post!



Claymores are the titular characters of the series. Named after the Great swords they wield, they are half-human, half-Yoma hybrid warriors of the Organization. Normally, Claymores don't call each other by the name "Claymore"; instead, the humans gave them this name, alternatively referring to them as "silver-eyed witches/slayers



“From the moment I first saw you, you've looked so sad. Your face shows so much pain. Your eyes were like mine. They looked so sad, so hurt, so lonely…as if you couldn't stand it.” - Clare


“This little girl, who's not even half my size...taught me that tears can flow even from these silver eyes.” - Teresa



“It’s hardly profound. The reason is very simple: I’ve found a reason to live. From now on, I’m going to live for the girl.” - Teresa



“Number Forty-Seven in the organization, Clare, the successor of Teresa's flesh and blood, the bearer of Ilena's right arm, and the one who will hunt down the head of the one-horned monster, Priscilla.” - Clare



“Don’t be so quick to throw away your life. No matter how disgraceful or embarrassing it may be, you need to keep struggling to find your way out until the very end.” - Clare


“You said I should have forgotten everything and lived as a human, but...there's no way.” - Clare


“Everyone around her respected her, yet feared her. You loved her as she was, and she accepted it.” - Ilena


“Live, Clare! Your staying alive is the only proof that Teresa ever existed." - Ilena


“I promise you. I will not die. I will survive this day and meet you again. So, you can't die either, Raki. I will find you. You need to survive until then.” - Clare



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Thursday, 22 August 2019 14:37

Tatsumaki FanArt : The best images

Hello everyone! is this opportunity I bring you a compilation with the best images of Tatsumaki, in the previous post I shared the collection of his younger sister Fubuki, in this delivery we also have a great diversity of artists, which I will mention next, I hope you enjoy the post !!!!


These are the great artists with works in this post



Yusuke Murata

gfi lee


Anastasia Volkova


Ryan Tien



Stanley 'Artgerm' 

If you are one of the artists of which we present works in this post please email me to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to add you to the list or failing to remove your work if you wish.


Tatsumaki (タツマキ, Tatsumaki; Viz: Tornado), also known by her hero alias Tornado of Terror (戦慄のタツマキ, Senritsu no Tatsumaki; Viz: Terrible Tornado), is the S-Class rank 2 professional hero of the Hero Association. She is an esper, and the older sister and self-declared teacher of Fubuki. She and her sister are known as the Psychic Sisters.


 Cute Tatsumaki






Angry Tatsumaki



Strong Tatsumaki 





Hot Tatsumaki 



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Thursday, 07 February 2019 15:56

Fan Art : Naruto

The coolest art you'll see today from Naruto and Naruto Shippuden!


Every fan of Naruto knows and has seen the excellent character designs that the cartoonists of the sere gave us for years, in manga and anime, but there are fans with great talent that stimulate our imagination with their own designs and modifications of the Naruto world. Today we leave you a compilation of illustrations made by fans for fans of this great anime series. Enjoy it and remember to share in your networks.