A Less Frequent Target

Linux is safer than macOS for the same reason macOS is safer than Windows. Simply put, Linux has lower market share. So hackers are generally less interested in attacking it. The vast majority of hacks aren’t targeted against one company in particular. Instead, hackers attack a large number of computers and servers hoping that viruses and malware will land in some of them. Since Windows controls 75 percent of the market, it makes sense for hackers to target that operating system.

Creating Malware is Much More Difficult

Linux has never been easier to use. Even complete newbies can learn to operate the newest OS in a few minutes. One of the key differences between Linux and Windows / macOS is that you don’t just download and open attachments. Instead, before executing attachments, you need to set it up and make sure each user has the right permissions before they can open a specific file. These extra steps prevent internal users from inadvertently running virus files.

Linux Has a Strong Community of Developers

Linux is open source. This means there’s a huge group of developersalways checking for issues and determining fixes. Whereas it may take months for big companies like Apple and Microsoft to identify a problem and then issue a security patch. Linux users can repair it themselves and have the code issued in minutes. This minimizes downtime and the potential threat of viruses.

Linux isn’t Bulletproof