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Creation of Contents.



Content marketing has become the new king of the internet thanks to the high consideration given, within its algorithm, the Google search engine.


  • With a good content creation strategy we managed to captivate the user. Put another way, the engagement we get through an attractive post on a blog or a publication with suggestive creativity on social networks, is much greater than with another marketing action.
  • With this new concept, we pursue 3 main objectives with the creation of contents perfectly integrated in a general marketing plan:

  •     Achieve a good SEO positioning through quality content. This factor is key to improving search engine positioning, so creating and adapting that content to Google's guidelines is vital to position it. We analyze the keywords of the company to write relevant content of quality, adapting the creation of content to the aspects of SEO onpage more notable.

  •     Generate engagement through the blog. Blog platforms have become a very interesting medium of information that allows companies to offer quality content to users and customers. This is the key by which Google gives such importance to the content and is the line to follow in the blogging strategies of the brands. Through a keyword planning and long tail SEO, it is possible to considerably increase the quality traffic of a website. 

  •     Distribute the content in social networks, not only text, but creatives and videos that improve the engagment with the users. We create specific content for each network, adapting the message to the limits of characters or the idiosyncrasy of each one, since content on LinkedIn is not the same as on Facebook.


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