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Request to enter the catalog as a model

First I want to tell you a bit about the initiative of our Andromeda Model Book, that is, our catalog of models, we want to give the opportunity to beautiful and talented girls like you, to enter the world of modeling, but in a simple and safe way. You know that right now you can do everything via the internet, right? we can see our relatives who are far away thanks to a video call, we can make purchases without visiting a physical store, and millions of other things, that is why we came up with the idea of remote models, you can go to a session of photos in the photographic studio of your choice where you feel comfortable and calm, also no matter what country you are from, you can always send us your work via email or any other electronic means that we have. Ofrecemos un trabajo realmente sano jamas pediremos a ninguna de nuestras modelos, desnudos, poses indecorosas, obscenidades y nada que socave la dignidad de la mujer. Nuestra empresa es del tipo familiar y amena con contenido sano para todos.

El proceso es así, una vez nos envíes tus muestras fotográficas y te seleccionemos para estar en el catalogo, debes esperar a ser elegida por uno de los Clientes de Andromeda ( Empresas que quieren campañas de marketing digital), cuando una empresa te seleccione, nosotros te contactaremos y te explicaremos como queremos la sesión de fotos, la cual por supuesto será en el estudio fotográfico que tu elijas por conveniencia, es decir que este cerca de tu casa o en tu ciudad y donde te sientas cómoda en pocas palabras. Nosotros pagamos la sesión de fotos en el estudio de tu preferencia una vez aprobemos el presupuesto para ese fin, debes enviarnos la cotización antes claro esta. Una vez nos envíes las fotos de esa sesión que te pedimos y la aprobemos , te pagaremos por tu trabajo. Ya esta , eso es todo!

But what do I do to be a model in Andromeda?

1. You must fill out the form with all your data and a photograph of yourself, THE FORM IS AT THE END OF THIS POST (If you do not load the form on your mobile device please send the data your name, surname, country of residence, age, and photos to

2. We will review the information you sent us and we will contact you to start the first selection phase.

3. That's it.

What are the advantages of being in the Andromeda catalog?

The advantages are numerous but the most important are:

  1. You are promoted for free.
  2. You get a greater digital presence.
  3. You improve your reputation online and as a professional.
  4. You get a greater number of hires.
  5. It is the safest way to promote yourself on the internet.
  6. You can have an online portfolio with which to present your work.

Models who have recently joined

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