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Let's build your website
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Web Design



Although we do not realize it, the design of all the objects that surround us exerts a great influence on us. All the things that we have or have throughout our daily life, since we opened our eyes in the morning until we go to sleep have been created by man and therefore have gone through a design process. In principle, it depends on the design that we choose one object or another. Of course, that will depend on the tastes and needs of each person, the shoes we use or the laptop we have purchased will be in accordance with our criteria. But what has driven us to acquire it are usually three factors: functionality, design and price. Having a need we look for the object that solves our problem, then we think how we want it (the form) and finally how much we are willing to pay for it.

With which, it is essential to consider if we want to sell a product, think about who we want to go and how we can attract you. That product must be conceived and designed for a specific public and must call attention to it with such force that it does not allow it to be fixed in the neighboring product.

With the webs, exactly the same thing happens. To give you an idea, a user takes 3 seconds to decide if a website is of interest or not (loading time), and that decision is so fast, depends on a well-analyzed web design.

However, in web design, it is not about putting things simply "beautiful" ... NO! (The beautiful is subjective, what seems right to me maybe not). Everything has a function, an order, all the elements that make up a web follow a strategy designed for the end user. You have to make the user navigate in a website behaves as we want to do according to their needs. That is, think of a web design based on the user and get the reaction that interests us. ("... click on the red button")

At Andromeda Computer, thanks to our experience, we can offer you the right strategy for your project. Focusing on the target to whom you are going to address, we analyze their needs, their activities, the context in which they find themselves, the dimension of the project, the subjective and emotional variables. This will help design a project that has empathy with the user, that fits with their behavior and that meets their objectives. That is why it is so important to study the user, because when he has that need, when he has that problem to solve, we can reach him.

The investment in web design for new projects both services and new products is vital. It is very interesting to have the support of companies like us who are dedicated to online design and development. Having a good web well structured, attractive and easy to manage will increase the chances of turning it into a profitable tool.


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