Andromeda Computer - Digital Marketing Plans
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$65 /month

Our basic but not less effective plan is an excellent way to start promoting your company, product or service. Specially formulated for entrepreneurs. We invite you to be part of our select group of clients and what better way than with our land plan.

  • 1 Community manager
  • 3Weekly publications
  • 5.000monthly emails
  • 3Social networks
  • 1Weekly advertising spot

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$275 /month

Saturn Plan is especially oriented to SMEs, which require plans that tailor the needs of their market.

  • 2community manager
  • 6Weekly publications
  • 7.000emails
  • 4Social networks
  • 3Weekly advertising spots

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$750 /month

The heavyweight of our digital marketing plans, excellent for large companies and trajectory with a variety of products and services to offer, Among its benefits has the following characteristics.

  • 4Community manager
  • 20Weekly publications
  • 20.000Emails
  • 10social networks
  • 10Spot Weekly Advertising

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The plans include the following: * Graphic design: / Advertising Banners / Spot. / Bulletins for email marketing. / Corporate image. (Website, social networks, portfolio). --- Only Saturn and Jupiter-- / Video editing --- Only Saturn and Jupiter --- / Audio editing. --- Only Saturn and Jupiter --- / Image editing. * Community manager: / Content creation. / Interaction with the public. / Lead tracking. --- Only Saturn and Jupiter --- ALL PLANS ARE CONVERTIBLE TO BOLIVARS AND CRIPTOMONED
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